Having undertaken over 150 SAP licensing projects we know that all SAP customers are over-licensed (10% and 30%).

Procurement professionals are aware that software licensing audit requirements can often be the responsibility of the technical team leaders. This fails to recognise the legal and finance implications. Your historical contracts may have a major impact on your decision-making around moving to S/4HANA and indirect/digital access models.

SLC365 uniquely combines technical knowhow and contract analysis, enabling you to make more informed decisions.

SLC365 services cover the following key areas:

-licensing advice


-audit preparation

 Our services include:

▶ Support for the preparation and running the SAP Audit tool 

▶ Answering questions and do the interpretation (compliance check) based on the SAP audit  reports 

▶ SAP User optimisation (finding the correct SAP named user license type for each SAP account

SAP S/4HANA Contract Migration/Conversion 

▶ Analysis of the existing SAP contract (license history) 

▶ Analysis of the actual usage 

▶ Analysis of the new SAP license demand 

▶ Analysis of the new SAP S/4HANA contract 

▶ Coaching during SAP negotiation 

Indirect Access 

▶ Analysis of the SAP landscape 

▶ Detection of the SAP named user license need 

▶ Detection of the SAP Digital Access license need 

▶ Coaching during SAP negotiation

SLC365 can provide the appropriate tools and the bespoke analysis you need, often identifying where you are over-paying or pinpointing any potential exposure.


You are sure you are compliant with your existing SAP contracts

Your over-licensing is minimised

You are very likely to benefit from reductions in SAP maintenance costs.