Guido Schneider
Founder & CEO at Software License Compliance 365 Lt

Guido Schneider is a renowned SAP licensing authority, who has published three books on and regularly lectured on the specialist area of ‘SAP Security’ over a period of 20 years. His expertise spans SAP NetWeaver Identity Management, SAP security and SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). Guido has an MSc focused on Security Management from Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences.

Guido’s experience and reputation are built on his extensive experience in the field operating from Walldorf in Germany where SAP is based, Guido has supported over 150 major international clients to achieve compliance in their software licensing.

Guido began his career in the security field in 1996 in Walldorf (Germany), founding a specialist company ‘SecurIntegration’ which was acquired by Aspera (USU) in 2016, appointing Guido as their Senior Product Management Advisor in this specialist field.

In 2009 together with his team Guido had developed a tool for analysing the usage of SAP ‘named-user’ accounts. The focus was to find the right SAP license type regarding the usage of each SAP account. This tool is also able to manage SAP Engines, SAP HANA, SAP Indirect Access plus SAP Digital Access.

As an SAP licensing consultant Guido optimizes customers’ SAP licenses by helping them to identify and subscribe to the appropriate SAP licenses (ECC and S/4HANA) based on their real license needs. These interventions generally reduce costs to clients and show a strong return on investment. He brings the experience and expertise gleaned from a career in SAP licensing to assist clients in their SAP licensing negotiations and audits.

Guido is a regular contributor to ComputerWoche, E-3 magazin, SAP insider and IT Management journals and has conducted three client surveys for SAP Indirect Access (2015) and SAP Digital Access (2018, 2020) and published the results.